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Falling For You (Dirk x Reader)
Falling For You Intro
Dirk x Reader
A/N: May or may not have bad language. If you don't like it then I don't know how you read Homestuck.
    It's three in the morning and you can't stop thinking about Dirk.
    Before anyone gets any ideas, let's get a few things straight. Dirk has been your best friend for as long as you can remember. Growing up, your interests were always similar and one of you was rarely seen without the other. You were there with ice cream and sappy movies after his first heartbreak, and he comforted you after yours. Now you're in your senior year of highschool, and you don't go a day without contacting Dirk. But things have been different lately.
    For the past few months, you'd been feeling different around Dirk. Usually, things like casual touches, hugs, or even platonic cheek kisses were a normal thing for the two of you. Now, you could barely make eye contact without blushing! Or, shade-eye contact, sin
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Mature content
Showtime (John x Reader) (Sadstuck?) :iconbunnirox413:bunnirox413 46 15
Conventional Surprise- Homestuck Boys x Reader
Conventional Surprise
Homestuck Boys x Reader
A/N: Slight language warning, but this is Homestuck we're talking about.
    You walked around the con, gaping at the other cosplayers around you. It was your first time at a con; unfortunately, none of your friends could make it with you, so you went by yourself. Thus explains why you are currently walking around gawking like a braindead fool.
    The real reason you came, however, was for the Homestuck. As a huge fan of the webcomic (A/N: Don't try to deny it, you're reading this and that's all the proof you need) you were attending the con as your favorite male Homestuck character. Today was your final day at the con, and you decided to make the most of it. Since you's watched the Homestuck panel the first day and the character monologues/skits yesterday, you decided to interact with other members of your fandom.
    After walking around for a bit, you saw a character from (favorite a
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Hunger Games- Human!Eridan x Reader
Hunger Games
Human!Eridan x Reader
[A/N: Slight warning for language, but it's Homestuck.]
    You crouched at the top of a tree, safely hidden from the view of your opponents. A small bag containing extra ammo and a snack was slung over your shoulder. Poised to fire your pistol, you took aim at Sollux and pulled the trigger.
    Like the last five times, your aim was spot-on; the rubber-and-foam bullet ricocheted off the hacker's head, and he, along with the last five of your friends you'd hit, was out.
    Due to your extreme boredom during the week, you had decided to host a mock Hunger Games in the forest behind your local park. The first thing you'd done was collect five dollars from all twelve people in your group and yourself, to be the prize for the winner. You'd collected as many Nerf guns and as much ammo as you could, and packed them into bags. Then you and Feferi had packed a few granola bars in each bag, gathered up the re
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Walking in the Rain- Kankri x Reader
Walking In The Rain
Kankri x Reader
I want him and I need him
And someday, someway
I'll meet him

    You will always bear a certain fondness for the rain. It was April 13 th when you first met and it was pouring; both of you had conveniently forgotten your umbrellas. Unfortunately, the bus stop was on the other end of the street. The two of you waited out the downpour in awkward silence.
He'll be kind of shy
But real good lookin' too
And I'll be certain he's my guy
By the things he'll like to do

    The tension was broken with a simple hello from  none other than yourself. He glanced at you, the sky, and then you, before uttering a greeting in return. Cracking a smile, you introduced yourself and held out your hand. He shook it quickly, while saying his name just loud enough so you could hear it. You grinned, certain you were making a new friend.
    “Nice to meet you, mister Kankri Vantas.”
Like walking in
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Crochet Homestuck Stuff by bunnirox413 Crochet Homestuck Stuff :iconbunnirox413:bunnirox413 3 5
Mature content
Best Friends- Karkat x Dave/Kanaya x Reader :iconbunnirox413:bunnirox413 17 10
Mature content
Pain- Dave x Reader :iconbunnirox413:bunnirox413 32 9
JadeNoir for KikoTsukinamura by bunnirox413 JadeNoir for KikoTsukinamura :iconbunnirox413:bunnirox413 1 2
May the Best Gamer Win- Sollux x Troll!Reader
  May the Best Gamer Win
Sollux x Troll!Reader
    You struggled your way over to your best friend's hive, loaded down with all the bags of things he asked you to bring. He'd better be waiting like he said, you thought, swearing to murder him with a spare battery if he'd left you to deal with the bags by yourself again.
    Somehow, you managed to ring the doorbell. You then proceeded to shout at the door, likely disturbing the other residents in the hive stem your best friend lived in.
    "Sollux get your ass over to this door and help me with the crap you wanted ne to bring or so help me I will drop it all on your foot and shove double A batteries down your throat until you either choke to death or spontaneously combust from the chemical reactions of the battery chemicals and your stomach acid!" you screeched, finishing just as Sollux opened the door.
    "Jeguth, (Name), calm the fuck down! Jutht give me a couple ba
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Fireflies- Human!Kurloz x Reader
Human!Kurloz x Reader
    You sit on the front porch of your new home, having just finished unpacking your things. After a long time spent debating whether or not it would be a good idea, you finally decided to move out of your apartment. The house you chose is larger, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a basement, and much closer to your college; more importantly, your boyfriend Kurloz. Who, by the way, is sitting behind you, since he came over and helped you get settled in.
    "It's a nice night out, isn't it?" you say, leaning back against Kurloz's chest. He signs back a yes, and you grim, signing back "Thank you for helping me unpack." Kurloz smiles, wrapping his arms around your waist.
    The night is black around your home, allowing you and Kurloz to see the tiny glows of the fireflies scattered across your lawn. You still have a lot of things you need to get done, but that can wait until tomorrow.
    For now, yo
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    The age-old argument lives on in every one of today's fandoms and more. Many arguments have torn rifts in the otherwise compromising family we call a fandom. Friendships have began and ended with a favorite pastime of many fangirls: Shipping.
    For those who don't know, shipping is where people in an anime, comic, TV show, book, movie, etc. are paired up and supported by usually very devoted fans. A few examples of these pairings, often referred to as "ships," are SoMa from Soul Eater, Arasol from Homestuck, and Romione from Harry Potter. A "One True Pairing," or "OTP," refers to one's most favorite ship. Clashing OTPs are a common cause of dispute among shippers. A pairing is called "canon" when the writer actually pairs two people in a pairing up.
    To simplify things, focus on only Homestuck's pairings. Convieniently, there is a wide variety of characters, and therefore the vast amount of possible pairings, if one dares to include homosexual pai
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Happy Birthday! Karkat x Reader
A/N: Karkat reader insert. Need I say more? Also, you are a human in this.
Happy Birthday!
Karkat x Reader
You knocked on the door of you matesprit's hive, arms loaded with sweets and sappy Earth movies. Today is Karkat's wriggling day, and you are going to make it great even if it kills you.
Karkat answers the door, looking like he just dragged himself out of his recuperacoon. Which he probably did, now that you think about it.
"Hi Kar-"
"It's for-"
And Karkat, being the kind, gentle, docile boyfr- matesprit he is, kindly decides to "shut the hell up and listen".
"Thank you. Now, I get that trolls don't celebrate their 'wriggling day' but humans do and I am celebrating yours with you wh
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Even the President can't stand Excalibur... by bunnirox413 Even the President can't stand Excalibur... :iconbunnirox413:bunnirox413 57 22
Sober Gamzee Story
A/N: So. Here we are. By my awesome moirail, not me. Slight violence warning, not so bad it needed a filter. In my opinion. Read on. Good luck.
You gently push at the rusted door.   It opens slowly with an earsplitting  screech. As you cautiously walk inside, the floors revolt into a fit of  shrieking upon your step. Each foot placed down creates a groan throughout the abandoned building. The structure itself seems to dread any presence at all. The sickening darkness that looms over every inch of the house haunts your thoughts. A flashlight, or any light at all, is nowhere in sight. You'll just have to cope with the blackness. The faint moonlight helps only slightly. You see various colors splattered randomly on the walls. Too thick to be paint, so what could it be..... The thought quickly dissolves in your  mind, for you have other things to worry about. You hear a strange noise coming from somewhere in the dark. Distant and high-pitched, your mind is racing to explain it. Pr
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So, some of you have asked about when Conventional Surprise will be updated. If you are one of the people who asked, I am no longer grounded! However, I have decided to release all the chapters all at once. A few of them have already been written, so I just need to write the rest.

I still have a few requests to do from, like, last year. Hooray for procrastination! X) As of now, requests are CLOSED.

I drafted a new story I got inspiration for. It will probably be in two or three parts. First part will be out either later today or tomorrow.

Keep your eyes peeled for more of my pointless fanfiction!

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Anything Homestuck/Harry Potter/Soul Eater
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Really bad ships
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Spend my time: Doodling, making up fandoms in my head, watching TV, playing on the computer, and reading


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